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Werther's Original
Werther's Sugar Free Candies

So smooth, rich, and creamy, you'll never know it's sugar free.

Satisfy your taste for real caramel with Werther's Original Sugar Free. Only 8 calories apiece, yet rich in that comforting caramel indulgence you've always loved. Just one taste and you'll feel like a kid in the Caramel Shoppe again.

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Turns out, You Don't Need Sugar to be Sweet.

Cutting your sugar intake doesn't mean you have to compromise on taste or
variety. Which is why we use fresh cream and real butter to make our sugar-free
candies irresistibly rich. Try Werther's Original Sugar Free
and if it doesn't satisfy your taste for true caramel flavor,
we will refund your purchase. Pure caramel satisfaction
or your money back. Guaranteed.

Learn more about our Taste Guarantee and start
enjoying caramel candies again with the delicious Werther's Original Sugar Free.

Werther's Original - Sugar Free Caramels

Explore the great tasting Sugar Free varieties by Werther's Original. Visit us online @

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