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What is the dLife Patient Engagement Program?

dLife's Patient Engagement program educates and motivates members with diabetes to take action and become more engaged in successfully managing their condition. The program steps patients through weekly topics on diabetes self-management, breaking down the overwhelming volume of information into small, digestible amounts. This allows patients to learn, process, and apply the information to their own lives – leading to positive, long-term behavior changes. Using a broad range of communication channels and media formats, dLife can effectively reach all health plan members and complement existing health plan offerings.

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Our solutions for healthcare organizations:

dLife solutions leverage our consumer-facing technology and content; evidenced outcomes and the best practices; plus our application and user services organization to deliver engaging, digitally driven programs. We provide unique, multi-channel, multi-media interventions that engage individuals with diabetes to learn about their condition, to change behavior, and to improve self-care.

We work with partners to deploy custom, co-branded solutions for their target members or patients.

These solutions include:

  • Combination of traditional and digital media to motivate and activate patients with diabetes to control their condition, including: direct mail, IVR calls, web-based program, print workbook, e-newsletters, and SMS/text messages – along with a mobile app, weekly live streaming TV show, and safe social network
  • Targeted programs, including Medicare Advantage plans and others
  • 20% enrollment guarantee for newly eligible members in print/online program