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The Ultimate Diabetes Lifestyle Manager and Tracker

  • Track blood glucose levels, find diabetes friendly recipes, watch dLifeTV videos, and get expert answers to diabetes questions.
  • Manage: Log and track blood glucose levels and get a 360° view of your diabetes management
  • Eat: Find over 9,000 recipes and 25,000 foods with full nutritional analysis for your diabetes diet
  • Q&A: Find expert and community answers to over 4,000 diabetes questions
  • Watch: Over 400 dLifeTV videos - experts, cooking demos, plus real people real stories

dLife Mobile Highlights

  • 95% of users are returnees
  • Users view ~ 6.5 pages per session
  • Users spend ~14 minutes per session

2011-2012 Highlights

  • 29% increase in new users
  • 55% increase in active users
  • 66% increase in sessions

dLife Diabetes Companion Mobile App

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