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The dLife Diabetes Minute - Customized Radio Network


Custom Advertorial One Minute Vignettes

  • Priority placement in popular health, news, and talk  
  • dLife brand and content pulls diabetes audience attention  
  • Includes talent, advertorial creative and production  

Audience Coverage

  • More than 165 markets nationwide
  • More than 400 stations
  • 91% US coverage
  • Daypart: W-F 6 am-11 pm Eastern
    • XM Satellite — 100 unsponsored dLife content spots/day

Program Content

  • "The dLife Diabetes Minute" — :60 vignette
  • Narrated by dLife medical expert Dr. Bob Arnot
  • Editorial lead-in pulls diabetes audience interest, includes facts, tips, and inspirational stories
  • NO client radio spot required

Sponsor Opportunities

  • Customizable message integration
  • Drive to sponsor website, 800#, retailer, or online
  • Creation of custom web landing page