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The Only Diabetes Cooperative Direct Mail Program

  • Combines Efficiency with Wide Household Penetration
  • Reach 2,500,000 quality diabetes households with 100% of content devoted to diabetes topics of interest
  • Exclusive access to Rx database
  • Fraction of the cost of solo mail
  • Greater unduplicated reach vs print publications
  • High open rate supported by dLife branding and dLife media support

dLife Connect Direct Mailer


100% In-Home Distribution

  • High-quality, responsive audience engaged with disease management
  • Promoted on dLifeTV, dLife.com and with solo emails to members

dLifeDirect Mail Package Includes

  • dLifeConnect: Upbeat and topical diabetes newsletter
  • Diabetes-relevant incentive offer (promoted on outer envelope and inside)
  • Cooperative high-value inserts

Advertiser Insertion Options

  • Branded or educational insert
  • Insert with offer, coupon, survey, BRC or other
  • On-page advertising in dLifeConnect newsletter
  • Sample potential