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dLife Healthcare Solutions
What is " Healthcare Solutions?"

Our award-winning and proven diabetes behavior change program is a consumer-centric approach to engaging the diabetes community. It is sold directly to health plans and device manufacturers through dLife Healthcare Solutions.

Since its premiere in 2005, dLife has pioneered a consumer-centric approach to engaging the diabetes community. Today, dLife is the leading diabetes resource, touching millions each month to help them better understand their condition; reduce their isolation; and enable them to gain control of diabetes with lasting behavior and lifestyle changes. Click here to read some of their stories.

Now we bring the same innovative spirit and health impact to the rapidly evolving healthcare system — one emerging from a focus on quantity of service to quality of outcomes. We are proud to partner with health plans and healthcare providers who care about engaging the diabetes population as consumers of their own healthcare and owners of their own condition.

dLife Healthcare Solutions engages and enables a higher level of self-care via the dLife Engagement Platform, a proprietary set of content and technology assets proven in the public domain and evidenced in the clinical setting to improve knowledge, self-care behavior, and outcomes. We are here to support healthcare organizations that move beyond simply treating patients suffering with a disease to consumers who must adapt to a diabetes lifestyle.

Why dLife?
  • Trusted Brand  — credibility for patients, payers, and providers
  • Proven in both real world and clinical setting
  • Diverse  —  vast and award-winning interactive multi-media content and state-of-the-art technology
  • Outcome Oriented  —  committed to research & demonstrable outcomes
  • 24/7 access and support
  • Flexible  —  individual tailors intervention to own goals and preferences
  • Minimum training/support  —  less than 2 minutes in primary care

dLife has also demonstrated positive and direct impact on engagement, self-care behavior, and health outcomes through the randomized, controlled trial conducted by the Geisinger Health System.
dLife partnered with Geisinger, the highly regarded, integrated health system in central PA, to compare the effectiveness of a dLife multi-dimensional, digital lifestyle intervention vs. usual care. Watch TIDES study participants in the video above and see how the dLife Engagement Platform can help your patients and members achieve better self-management.
Why dLife?
For more information or to discuss a custom program tailored specifically for your company's needs, please contact:
Email:  HCS@dlife.com
Phone:  203.221.3450