dLife Testimonials:

"I would like to thank everyone at dLife. Until I found out about you guys I was out of control. In 2006 I was hospitalized 26 times. Since I found you guys I have not been in the hospital one time. I dropped my A1C from over 10 to 5.1. I also lost 105 pounds. You have saved my life!" - Joel - Memphis, Tennessee

"dLife is a phenomenal site with loads of people who care. I have never felt so comfortable and open talking about diabetes, weight, diet and lifestyle in general as I do when I am here. Together, we can beat diabetes!" - Keith - Tampa, FL

"I'm not glad that my baby has type 1 diabetes…but I am truly thankful that I found dLife and all the wonderful people here. THANK YOU dLife, for providing a place for information, diabetic education, inspiration and AMAZING SUPPORT!" - Holly B. - Fort Bragg, North Carolina

"dLife really helps me feel okay about my diabetes and gives me a positive outlook on living with and controlling my diabetes, not letting it be in control of me. Thank you all again so much for dLife!" -Katie - Bowman, North Dakota

"I went through a period of several months this year not caring if I lived or died. Coming to dLife helped me see that I wasn't the only one going through hell." - Larry - Butternut, Wisconsin

"Thank you for the wonderful job that you do. I know your show has given me so much inspiration at a very trying time in my life and for that I am so grateful." - Donna - Portland, Oregon

"I am a big fan of the show and website. I found out that I was diabetic Sept. 30, 2005 and so far to date it really changed my life. Keep up the good work for everyone who you help!" - Renata - Selma, California

"I look forward to more helpful information from your website and television program. I wish I had only known so much before. Thank you for your help and may it be available for many more years." - Bob L. - Las Vegas, Nevada

"I want to say thank you for providing a television program and website dedicated to helping and informing those with diabetes and those people who care for someone with this condition. For the first time in my life, my levels are in the normal range and I can't wait to see my doctor next month and see what my A1C test results reveal!" - Max - Moberly, Missouri

"Up to today I have only been able to jog a half mile at a time. Then this week I did two lengths of 1 mile each and another length of a half mile! What inspired me was the woman on dLifeTV who is a long distance runner and said the first time she ran 1 mile without stopping she thought she was going to die. That gave me hope. The former couch sitting, Twinkie eating, TV watching, fat man is making waves!" - Calvin - Brunswick, Maine

"It's a club that nobody wants to join, but once a member, others are always ready to help. Please send my thanks to those responsible for putting it together!" - Jason - Overland Park, KS

"I've been diabetic since 1983. After watching your show, I feel like I am not alone as I have for the last 22 years." - Shelli - Albany, New York "First off….let me start by saying, this site is a blessing!" - Stephanie - Wheeler Lake, Alabama

"I just love your site - I am thrilled to have found it! Thanks so much for the helpful information you have given me!" - Melanie - Gresham, Oregon

"Thank you so much for dLifeTV and the information online. It's nice to have a positive feeling about handling diabetes!" - Drake - Albion, Illinois

"Great job - as you know, you are helping a great cause and helping hundreds of thousands of people stay informed. You enable us to have healthier lives. We want to say thank you for what you are doing!!!" - Brett & Molly - Fort Summer, New Mexico

"I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Although I won't be dealing with this after the baby is born (I hope!) the peace of mind you've given me is invaluable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Diane - Sterling, Colorado

"As a diabetic for 11 years, I am extremely grateful for a company that supports my lifestyle. When I found dLife this summer, I felt like a kid in a diabetic candy store!" - Tiffany - Parsons, West Virginia