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dLife Member Study

Phoenix Marketing Research International conducted two studies with over 3,000 participants with diabetes.

Study 1 illustrated the differences between "dLifers" versus "non-dLifers" in terms of diabetes management, media sources, and brand awareness.
  • Overall, those people with diabetes who have been involved with dLife make more of an effort in managing their overall health and diabetes than those who have not. Specifically, the "dLifers":
    • Test their blood glucose at twice the rate.
    • Have A1C levels of 7.0 or lower at a higher rate (55%).
    • Take their medications as prescribed (94%), monitor their blood glucose regularly (90%), are careful about what they eat (77%), try to be physically active (74%), have their feet (64%) and gums (62%) checked regularly.
  • Without exposure to dLife, roughly half (54%) of all people with diabetes rate their overall health as excellent or very good. After exposure to dLife, 72% of respondents (an 18 point gain) report their overall health as excellent or very good.
  • 3 times as many dLifers report learning new things about managing their diabetes as non-dLifers. Those aware of dLife consider dLifeTV and dlife.com to be core sources of information, more so than "mainstream" media channels.
  • People with diabetes who have been exposed to brand messages through dLife report higher awareness levels as well as greater brand relevance and higher intent to purchase and recommend.
Study 2 provided deeper insights into the attitudes, opinions, and impact of dLife on viewers and visitors.
  • dLife drives action
    • More than one-third of viewers (37%) have talked to their healthcare provider about something they saw on dLife.
    • One in ten actually purchase an item they see advertised (11%) on dLife.
  • dLife educates the patient
    • More than one-half of all viewers:
      • Have learned valuable information about how to keep their diabetes under control by watching dLifeTV. (65%)
      • Consider watching dLifeTV an investment in their health. (61%)
      • Feel dLifeTV motivates them to take better care of themselves. (60%)
      • Feel dLifeTV keeps them from feeling so alone. (54%)

  • dLife improves patient health
    • After being exposed to dLife, respondents gave their diabetic health a rating of 72%. (5 or 4 on a five point scale)