dLife Stories:

Story Angle Suggestions:

  • Influence of social media on diabetes management
  • Living the dLife- fitting diabetes self-management into your lifestyle
  • Why diabetes is critical to the success of healthcare reform
  • Diabetes is a 24/7 disease; doctors spend an average of 7 minutes with each patient
  • Diabetes touches everyone; every family member, every friend, every co-worker, every person who pays for health insurance
  • The diabetes diet could even help those who don't have the disease
  • Howard Steinberg: CEO living with type I diabetes
  • The future of diabetes: Prevalence of disease and technological breakthroughs will result in new treatment paradigm
  • Companies founded based on a passion and belief in a need for DIY health management
  • Design and rollout of media and technology based behavior change and self-care interventions
  • How to improve quality scores, healthcare outcomes, while lowering healthcare costs
  • Recruiting and engaging members to participate in population health programs
  • Diabetes self-care-engaging the diabetes patient as a consumer