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HughesHeadshotJohn Hughes is a computer programmer, writer, and business owner residing in Oregon. He runs an in-home care business for seniors and disabled individuals with the goal of keeping people independent in their own homes as long as possible.

Wil Dubois, author of Diabetes Simplified, writes from both clinical and personal experience. He works as a diabetes treatment specialist and has type 1 diabetes himself, and as such speaks both "doctor" and "patient."

Chris Stocker is President, CEO of his own online marketing company. He also blogs about living with type 1 and his love for diabetes technology as an insulin pump and CGM user.


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How is your vision?

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by Brenda Bell
It's the end of the plan year, and having survived the Tour de Cure without major incident (there was a poorly-marked turn, causing me to ride five fewer miles, and there was the blinding rain over a few miles on a busy main road with flooded, potholed shoulders — nothing major), I was confident going in for my annual eye exam and being able to afford to replace my eyeglasses. My usual eye doctor is an independent optometrist located in a branch of a Big Name Eyeglass...
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