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dLife ERCC Forum Guidelines

No commercial posts. Commercial posts are defined as someone promoting a product or service that financially benefits the poster. Users may freely share their experiences with legitimate products or services that they have no commercial interest in.

Users may reference a book or product that they are affiliated with as a part of their signature file. In some instances they may reference a product they are affiliated with as part of their post when it is the best or only available resource to address the topic under discussion, or when someone else has made a legitimate inquiry about it. If you do have a commercial interest in a product being discussed, please make sure that you clearly disclose the relationship within your post.

Commercial posts will be deleted when found, and repeat offenders banned at the discretion of the moderator. dLife is the final arbitrator of what is considered a commercial posting, and moderators will use their discretion with the best interest of the dLife educator community and forum members in mind. Anyone interested in advertising on dLife.com should go to our advertising information page at: http://mediakit.dlife.com/dlife_sponsors.html

Please practice good netiquette. Users who are rude or disrespectful of others will be issued an initial warning about their behavior. Their post (or the offending portion of their post) will also be deleted. Moderators will ban users who continue to treat others with disrespect.

Quackery will be removed. Posts on the evils of aspartame, anti-perspirant causing breast cancer, the miracles of Noni juice, and any other therapy or theory that has no basis in research or medical fact are discouraged. Innocent posts on these topics will be refuted as necessary by the moderator; others will be deleted. Moderators will ban persistent offenders at their discretion.

If you need assistance for technical support, contact us at support@dlife.com. For problems with post content or users, please flag the offending post by clicking on the Report This Post icon within the thread. You can also contact us at ercc@dlife.com for further help.

(updated 7/29/08)

Last Modified Date: December 20, 2013

All content on dLife.com is created and reviewed in compliance with our editorial policy.

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by Carey Potash
Because I apparently have a lot of free time on my hands and because I’m remarkably immature, I offer my first installment of a series I will call, “Typo.” If you’re like me, you might be lazy. You might have a pile of clean clothes on the side of your bed the size of an igloo that you promised your wife you’d put away weeks ago. You might also shorten words because one-syllable words are way easier to say than two. I often refer to Dexcom as Dex....