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dLife’s Top 10 Diabetes Disappointments for 2006

Westport, CT -- (November 1, 2006)What do the President, stem cell research, a quadruple cheeseburger, and the IRS have in common?  Well, when it comes to the diabetes epidemic, they all made dLife’s Top 10 Diabetes Disappointments for 2006dLife, a multimedia platform that informs, inspires, and connects the diabetes community through television, radio, web, and print programming, today announced its list of those who, when it comes to diabetes, are one big disappointment. “National Diabetes Month is the perfect time to highlight those who we feel could use a little diabetes education to turn their disappointments into accomplishments,” stated dLife Founder and CEO Howard Steinberg, “There are now over 21 million Americans living with diabetes – and the numbers continue to grow. Our goal with this list was to motivate those who can help serve this population and turn the epidemic around.”

  1. Medicare Part D Program. A poorly planned benefit roll-out by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and a critical failure of the system to recognize “dual-eligible” participants resulted in millions of poor and elderly Americans losing access to needed medications.  Add in the huge coverage gap “donut hole” and the confusion of evaluating dozens of competing private plans, each with a different drug formulary, and Medicare gets a “D” for effort. Poor planning on caring for our seniors, 20% of which have diabetes.

  2. The President, Senate, and Congress for their handling of stem cell research and the art of arguing the argument and not looking for viable solutions that would satisfy both sides of the discussion and move the much-needed solution forward.  Snow Flake Children?  What the…???

  3. The Internal Revenue Service for denying an employee a promotion because he had type 1 diabetes. Happily, the employee took the IRS to court and won, receiving his promotion and $78,000 in back pay.  Was he then taxed on the settlement?

  4. Fraudulent Diabetes Suppliers. We would like to list every seller of false “cures” and counterfeit test strips, but the list is simply too long.   Reaching a new all-time low in taking advantage of the less fortunate, these money–hungry pirates need to understand that their stunts not only bilk people out of their money, they could also have fatal results

  5. Burger King.   Jeff Novick, director of nutrition for the Pritikin Longevity Center called it the “quadruple-bypass special.” Burger King said they were simply giving the public what it wants.  We say “You’re on the list, Burger King.”   This summer, the fast food chain released their “Quad Stacker” option, consisting of four slabs of beef, four slices of cheese, and up to eight slices of bacon.  Enjoy that scrumptious 1,000 calories as you slurp down more than one-and-a-half times the saturated fat that an adult should consume in one entire day...why not just roll in a wheel barrel and let people jump in and eat themselves to obesity?

  6. Senators Enzi, Nelson, and Burns on introducing The Health Insurance Market Place Modernization and Affordability Act, commonly called Senate Bill S. 1955.  Forty-six states have laws on the books requiring insurers of state-regulated health plans to provide adequate care for people with diabetes, and Bill S. 1955 put the state mandates in question.  The bill was a turkey and so were those who supported it.

  7. The London Olympic Organizing Committee for giving the food contract for the 2012 Olympic Games to McDonalds.  In as clearly as McDonald’s is making strides in ‘bettering’ their menu and offering grants to resolve bad eating habits---it’s way too early to award them this gold medal.  Olympics are the torch bearer for healthy…Mickey Ds should prove themselves first.

  8. Robert Parsons of St. Johns, Newfoundland who pulled a “diabetes defense” in an attempt to absolve himself of responsibility for causing a fatal car crash that took the life of a 15-year-old boy.  Parsons claimed a sugar-related diabetic blackout. Fortunately, the judge rejected his claim which if legitimized might have done long-term damage to the reputations and legal rights of millions of men and women with diabetes. ‘Nuff said.

  9. The Diabetes Caucus. One of the largest caucuses in Washington remained mute on Bill S. 1955 (see #6, above). This Act would exempt many new health plans from critical state laws and regulations, thereby gutting existing consumer protections and coverage requirements.  When asked about it by dLife stated “….the House Diabetes Caucus does not take positions on general legislation such as S. 1955…” which is contradictory to the stance of their own website (  dLife asks what ARE you there for?
  10. Town Sports International for its policy of discriminating against children with diabetes.  When a six-year-old girl was kicked out of the Boston Sports Club summer camp because of her diabetes, the parents sued and won.  On top of a financial settlement, the club has agreed to end their policy of discriminating against children with diabetes.  What were they thinking?

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