dLifeTV and Public Health Foundation
                        Launch Groundbreaking DVD on Sex, Intimacy, and Diabetes

September 6, 2006 (Westport, CT) – Over twenty million adult Americans live with diabetes, and the vascular and nerve problems associated with the disease make these men and women twice as likely to experience problems with sexual dysfunction.  But sex and intimacy can be uncomfortable topics to discuss – even in a one-on-one conversation with a healthcare professional.  Unfortunately, many choose to avoid the topic, and their health and relationships suffer as a result.

To address this important issue, dLifeTV has partnered with the Public Health Foundation to offer diabetes care professionals, and those living with diabetes, “Sex, Intimacy, and Diabetes” – the first full-length patient education program designed to open the door on the subject of sexual dysfunction in a comfortable and non-threatening way. 

The 30-minute DVD provides a frank discussion of relationship and physical intimacy issues that individuals with diabetes, and their partners, face. It provides a brilliant mix of advice from the lay person and professional. The opening interview sessions offer much-needed insight into how "Average Joes" really feel about speaking with their doctor, while diabetes educator Janis Roszler, the author of The Secrets of Living and Loving with Diabetes, addresses diabetes and intimacy issues in an informative and engaging manner. “Sex, Intimacy, and Diabetes” is an excellent tool for diabetes educators, physicians, nurses, and others who manage and treat people with diabetes.

Donna Rice, RN, CDE, and President of the American Association of Diabetes Educators calls the program: "A delightful blend of open, honest conversations between couples and sound advice from an experienced professional. This DVD certainly broke the ice on a difficult but very important topic of sexuality."

Educators, healthcare professionals, and people with diabetes interested in obtaining “Sex, Intimacy, and Diabetes” through The Public Health Foundation Information can visit can visit for more information. Media review copies are available by request; contact Tom Karlya at

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