dLife Seeks Urgent Revision of TSA Security Guidelines as a Result of Life-Threatening Demands Made on Travelers With Diabetes

August 15, 2006 (Westport, CT) – dLife today announced that the company is spearheading an effort to institute a new medical task force charged with reviewing transportation security initiatives. The announcement came in response to reports that airport security guards have been demanding that travelers wearing insulin pumps remove them and pack them in checked luggage.

Although the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) clearly stated that diabetes supplies and insulin were still allowed for both domestic and international flights, many travelers wearing insulin pumps are being harassed and pressured to remove their life-saving medical devices. “Separating a person with diabetes from their insulin supply can cause extreme illness, and in some cases, death.   In addition, erratic temperatures in the cargo hold may cause insulin stored in checked bags to lose its potency,” explains Nicole Johnson Baker host of dLifeTV and an insulin pump wearer herself.

dLife has sent an urgent letter to Congressman Peter King, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, asking for the medical task force to be included in the review process for creating and executing transportation security initiatives.

“Last week when the national security threat level was raised at U.S. airports there were some critical miscommunications regarding on-board security clearance for insulin pumps,” stated Howard Steinberg, dLife CEO. “When you are dealing with millions of travelers and a national security crisis, it’s difficult.  But it’s our hope that a medical task force can help prevent future misunderstandings as new travel security sanctions are enacted. With the amount of life-maintaining devices a person with diabetes is required to carry, the task force can be instrumental in saving lives.  dLife will be ready to serve on this task force as needed.”  Those wishing to enlist their support for the measure can go to and leave their comments, which will be compiled and given to the Homeland Security Committee.

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