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July 27, 2006—for immediate release

Hoop Stars Raise a Hoopla Fighting Diabetes and Heart Disease on dLifeTV

Basketball Hall of Fame Players Walt Frazier and Earl Monroe Talk About Their Best Defense

One has diabetes, one has a family ravaged by the complications of diabetes; both were basketball superstars in their day, both played on a championship team, both are in the hall of fame and both should be taking life easy.  But when it comes to battling diabetes, Walt Frazier and Earl ‘The Pearl’ Monroe are just at the ‘tip-off.’   Both will discuss their first-hand experiences with diabetes and heart disease this Sunday, July 30th at 7:00 PM ET on dLifeTV (on CNBC).  In conjunction with the American Heart Association’s “The Heart of the Matter” tour, the dynamic duo travel the United States to speak out on the right defense against diabetes and the serious heart complications that the disease can cause.

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