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dLifeTV, the Diabetes Television Show:
The Holocaust Medical Miracle That Saved Thousands

Isolated from the rest of the world, Holocaust refugee Victor Saxl had only days to find a medical miracle that would save the life of his beloved wife, Eva, struggling with diabetes, her insulin about to run out. Having only perseverance and each other, The Saxl’s Story is one of the great untold and heroic love stories of our time.

The Story of Eva Saxl airs July 9, 2006 at 7:00PM ET, 4:00PM PT on CNBC

(July 5, 2006-Westport CT) - dLife, the leading multimedia information source for people living with diabetes, is pleased to present The Eva Saxl Story ─ a video journey documenting the dramatic love story between Eva and Victor Saxl and the medical miracle that saved Eva’s life. After becoming Holocaust refugees in China, the Saxls were completely shut off from Eva’s life-saving insulin when medical supplies were blocked during World War II. Victor Saxl, desperately trying to save the love of his life, experimented by making homemade insulin from the pancreata of animals obtained at a nearby slaughter house. The result not only saved his wife, but thousands more. This unprecedented television event airs July 9, 2006 at 7:00PM ET, 4:00PM PT on CNBC.

“My parents were survivors of the Holocaust. I truly believed that I heard most of the incredible stories of survival surrounding this terrible time in our history” explains dLifeTV creator and executive producer Howard Steinberg. “The Eva Saxl story will inspire everyone who watches. Never before had anyone attempted to make a medicine as vital as insulin themselves. This story of Victor Saxl’s actions, out of sheer desperation to save the woman he loved, will have a profound effect on all who see it”.

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