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Inhaled Insulin: dLife Offers Real Answers for Those With Diabetes

February 3, 2006—dLife today announced the release of the most comprehensive online resource answering the many questions people with diabetes have surrounding the FDA recent approval of inhaled insulin. dLife’s inhaled insulin information center features expert Q & A, video, podcasts, and other exclusive information. Go to:

Tom Karlya, a father of a daughter who has had diabetes for 13 of her 15 years, is an Executive Producer of the dLifeTV show and VP of dLife Corporate Affairs.  He was besieged by calls from diabetics trying to get a handle on the this subject.  “The news was everywhere on the inhaled insulin but I could not find what it means for my daughter. There was nowhere that had all of my answers. I approached dLife founder, Howard Steinberg who has had this disease for over 37 years, and he agreed and gave carte blanche 1000%, and we worked non-stop since the announcement came out to create this page.  It is an absolute labor of love to help the millions who have questions,” Karlya said
dLife represents the first integrated media network for the 21 million people living with diabetes, plus their families and those at risk of developing diabetes -- some 70 million in all.  dLife provides knowledge, insight, advice, and inspiration to this group through dLifeTV,, dLifeRadio, and dLifeConnect.  A diverse group of expert advisors from a number of disciplines support this effort.  All services and listings for dLife can be found at  dLife can be seen on CNBC on Sunday Nights at 7:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM Central and 4:00 PM Pacific times and is also available on DIRECTV, Dish TV and XM Satellite (check listings)