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Series 1
Show 101 - Family Matters
Show 102 - Sex and Intimacy
Show 103 - Phife, Smokin' Joe Frazier, and BB King

Series 2
Show 104 - Diabesity, Service Dogs, and Diabetes Duds
Show 105 - dVersity - The Many Faces of Diabetes
Show 106 - Exercise with Gary Hall, Jr.

Series 3
Show 107 - Disclosure & Discrimination
Show 108 - Diabetes, Depression, Drugs, and Drinking
Show 109 - The Great Carb Debate

Series 4
Show 110 - Navigating the Healthcare System
Show 111 - Diabetes Advocacy
Show 112 - Diabetes Complications
Show 113 - All About Insulin

Series 5
Show 114 - Pregnancy
Show 115 - Urban Education
Show 116 - Neuropathy & Feet

Series 6
Show 117 - Cardiovascular
Show 118 - Travel
Show 119 - Relationships
Show 120 - Myths, Misconceptions, & Makeover

Series 7
Show 119 - Relationships
Show 121 - Diabetes & Partying
Show 122 - Diabetes & Athletes
Show 123 - Diabetes & Depression

Series 8
Show 124 - Diabetes Epidemic
Show 125 - Diabetes Research
Show 126 - The History of Insulin
Show 127 - Diabetes & Kidney Complications

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by Nicole Purcell
I got a call yesterday morning from my good - and very pregnant - friend Anna. She sounded awful. There's so much going around. Between stomach bugs and head colds and flus and allergies, it's a veritable sick fest. No good. Could I come over, Anna asked, and grab some groceries and dog food? Of course the answer was yes. If I had a dime for every time Anna bailed me out of a mess, I'd be rich. So I headed on over, picked up her credit card and went to the market. ...