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Mother Love answers questions from the dLife community about managing her diabetes life.

Mother Love

Q. What should you say when someone asks you if you have your diabetes under control?

The truth! If someone cares enough about you and your blood sugar numbers to ask, then we ought to tell the truth. If we are managing properly, that is good and sometimes it's nice to let someone else know you are doing what is best to manage your diabetes. If your are not managing well and your numbers are high, they could help you get back on track.

I know we don't always want to hear our doctors and loved ones tell us we have to manage better. I fight with my family members all the time about their sugars being under control because they want to eat what they want and drink what they want. I am now the evil relative for busting the diet soda binges they were having; sharing information on the dangers of their blood sugars being out of control and the damage it will do to their teeth. They were angry but only for a few days. Later, I saw they had taken all the diet sodas out of their homes. They are eating more fresh fruits and have discovered the wonders of fresh fruit smoothies made with crushed ice. Even the smaller kids enjoy making them! So I say cuss me out, get mad at me, even put me out of your house! I can take that more so than I can take another person losing their eyesight or a limb or use of their kidneys or allow them to suffer heart failure. As they say, "The Truth shall make you Free!"

Q. How did Mother Love find out she had diabetes?

I found out when I started exhibiting the signs. I was well aware of the symptoms of diabetes as the disease has been a part of my family history for so long. I recognized the situation. I began to experience excessive thirst and constant urination. I knew where every bathroom was located between Los Angeles and Century City. I had terrible night sweats. I was irritable all the time. Can you imagine? Mother Love? Irritable? Me either. That's when I knew something was wrong. I called my mother and cried and then I called my doctor and told him I needed a glucose tolerance test because I believed diabetes had reared its ugly head.

At first he, like many doctors, was reluctant to order the test. I said to him then I wanted my records transferred to another physician who would work with me and my situation since I lived in this body a lot longer than he had. He thought that was funny and ordered my test. After it confirmed what I thought was the case, he began to be far more aggressive with my care. I think it is because I have always been proactive with my management that I do much better. We have to be vigilant in our quest to manage our dLife. It's our responsibility.

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Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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