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Overcoming Dinner Reservations

Mother Love

Hi babies!
I hope you are working to manage your dLife much better now that you have the TV show, the newsletter and website all available to you. There is a lot going on with the Even More Fabulous Mother Love. I am on the road so much speaking to the masses about how to better manage this disease in everyday terms, that it has become hard for me to keep up with myself and my programmed lifestyle change. Yet I remain conscious of everything I put in my body.

We Americans dealing with diabetes management still love to eat and love to eat out. I know I do. I eat at all kinds of restaurants, and have often been asked to try new spices, dishes and flavors from different cultures. I have never been a fast food eater, but if you see me eating fast food, youll know its a Mother Love Bad Nutrition Day!

Not eating at my own table used to wreak havoc on my metabolism because I cannot tolerate certain foods and cooking methods. Before I went public with my special dietary needs, I would have just eaten what was served, oftentimes making myself sick by eating something and not questioning its ingredients or preparation methods. I have since learned to speak up in restaurants that serve from a menu, as I must continue to incorporate my meal plans when I dine out.

It is important to be comfortable with what we order because our meal plan dictates that we eat what we know. I have learned to ask how the fish is prepared fried or grilled; what, if any, oils are added; if there is salt added; and so on. I have gotten so savvy with it that I can peruse a menu and instantly modify my meal to keep it fun, flavorful, and nutritious.

You must SPEAK UP! You are paying for the meal so ask your server questions. If he or she is not aware of how a dish is prepared, ask for another server or leave for another restaurant! I know what you're thinking, "Oh Mother Love, I would never ask the server to substitute a food or cooking method. I'll just order what's on the menu. I never question someone dealing with my food. I was once told there are two people you never want to anger the one dealing with your food and the one dealing with your money. I say you need to be able to trust both the cook and the banker, especially when they don't live in your home. So when you have to make dinner reservations, make it with the people who understand your special dietary needs and enjoy yourself.

Remember, it's your dLife!

Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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