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The Even More Fabulous Mother Love talks about her dLife

When dLife first hit the airways, I am sure many people watched and held their breath. What will this be like? Who will watch a show about diabetes? As I go about talking the show up and passing out flyers and dLife pins (which by the way are a hit!), I am reminded constantly who this is for. In my heart I know this show is so needed. The statistics are just staggering and among black people the numbers are unacceptable. People of all nationalities always tell me they have diabetes or know someone close to them with the disease.

Now I am just keeping it real. I have been dealing with diabetes every day since 1990, finger sticks, working on keeping my meal plans stable, and changing my eating habits. Now Im adjusting to peoples reactions to my having lost 105 lbs and hosting a new TV show dLifeTV. It has been really different. Great, but different. I get a lot of requests to speak as a result of my dLife! I make a good poster child.

But I was never vying to be a poster child for diabetes. I too wanted it kept in my inner circle of family and friends. I did not want people to know I could not control my eating, my blood sugars, and everything else that goes along with having diabetes.

I am a faithful person. I believe no more is placed on your shoulders than you can bear, even though there were times I did not think I could bear it. Now to be able to not just have a community of people with diabetes willing to talk about it openly and honestly, but also to be a part of that community, has truly been a gift from God.

As one dealing with the disease, I hope my presence in the dLife family serves as a beacon of hope to make the many aspects of dLife informative, approachable, lively, and entertaining. To let other people with diabetes whether type 1 or type 2 know there is hope!

Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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