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Jim TurnerPens vs. syringes

Q. Jim,

Are you still using old-fashioned syringes, or have you discovered the simplicity of pens for boluses yet? I read somewhere about your work on a 1-person diabetes act... How is that coming along, and will it be something that will make it to media, or will it be a live event? JasonJayHawk

A. Jason, No, I am still an old-school syringe guy. In fact, I traded in all my modern syringes with the super short, thin needles for old glass models with big thick needles that I have to sharpen on a whetstone. Okay, the last part is a lie. But I do still use syringes. I just havent had good luck with the pens. I dont like how long you have to keep them imbedded in you while the insulin is being injected. There were too many times that I gave myself an injection and pulled the pen out and a bunch of insulin dripped out and I thought, well, now how much insulin did I just inject? Do I need to give myself another shot?

And yes, I got my one-man show about my life with diabetes up and running. Its called: DIABETES: MY STRUGGLES WITH JIM TURNER. I did it out here in Los Angeles for a week and took it to Connecticut and New York for a couple shows. The shows went fabulous and right now I am working on editing it down to a reasonable one hour. I love telling stories and in earlier versions of the show I tended to go on and on. Its hard trying to figure out what stories to cut.

I will be doing it in Los Angeles again the first Sunday of every month starting September 3rd. I am looking for places to do it and for groups to do it for. If you know of anywhere it might be good please email me back.

And right now there are no DVDs or anything of it. Someday there will be, but not yet.

All my best,

Last Modified Date: May 21, 2013

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