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Jim Turner Jim Turner was in high school at the time of his type 1 diagnosis in 1970. He recounts the story vividly - weeks of dealing with unquenchable thirst, constant urination, and fatigue – running from class to water fountain to bathroom and then back again. It's his hope that relating his experience to others will help them understand they aren't alone. According to Jim, dLife is "putting a face on diabetes that's really diverse and really very different, that people can identify with."

Jim is probably best known as ex-football-star-turned-agent Kirby Carlisle on the HBO comedy, ARLI$$, and as the perpetually out-of-sorts hippy, Randee of the Redwoods, that MTV ran for President in 1988. Turner has carved out his television career of playing lots of small town doctors, lawyers, preachers, and teachers on Grey's Anatomy, Granite Flats, Perception, Franklin & Bash, Happy Endings, Castle, Big Bang Theory, Young & The Restless, Boston Legal, Dharma & Greg, Party Down, and many others.

He's had major roles in several movie comedies: Kicking & Screaming, Bewitched, Meet Dave, JOBS, The Ref, Joe's Apartment, Golf In The Kingdom, and dozens more in the kinds of movies often found in the VCR cut-out bin at Walmart.

Regular viewers of dLifeTV know that Jim Turner has a spark for storytelling. Not surprising, considering he's written and performed in comic theater since the 1970s, starting out as a member of the well-known touring comedy troupe Duck's Breath Mystery Theater. He continues to write, act, and appear in slightly deranged, maniacal comedy shows like Girly Magazine Party, Clowntown City Limits, Sashay Gigante, and 2 Headed Dog for one reason: it keeps him healthy & sane.

Jim enjoys sharing his personal stories with others who relate: "Everybody that knows me has heard 100 different stories about diabetes - decisions I've made, things I've done during insulin reactions. Some are really funny and some are really scary. I relish the opportunity to tell those stories." He's put those stories together in a one-man show, DIABETES: My Struggles With Jim Turner. Anyone interested in booking Jim's show should email him at:

He recently started a small video production company with the crew he uses to make his dLife videos. They call themselves Pillbox and their collective work can be seen at

Los Angeles is home for Jim, his wife, Lynn, and their son, Otto. Jim is happy to answer your questions about living successfully with diabetes.

Watch dLifeTV Sunday's at 7pm ET/4pm PT at

Ask Jim about his diabetes life here.

Read Jim's columns here.

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