Living Long with Diabetes

dLifeTV Show 184

Air Date:
Sept. 28, 2008


Highlights: What’s the secret to living a long and active life with diabetes? dLife talks to people who have done it. Plus, a trip to the dentist to find out how oral health impacts diabetes health; learning how to change the behaviors and habits that can derail diabetes management; and down-home cooking in the dLife kitchen.
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by Brenda Bell
What's the first thing you do, after opening a new vial of test strips? Run a control test, right? (Well, that's what you're supposed to do, even though it "wastes" one or more of that precious commodity.) Every vial of test strips has a reference range for one or more control solutions. (If there's more than one range, our vials of control solution usually tell us to look for the "normal" or "low" range.) What...