What is Good Control?

dLifeTV Show 177

Show 177

Is your doctor targeting the right blood glucose value for you? dLife looks at the debate behind long-term blood sugar goals. Plus, Chef Michel Nischan makes a mock mac and cheese that cuts the carbs but not the flavor. And, take a ride on the open road with a grandmother who doesn’t let diabetes stand in the way of her passion for motorcycles.
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Last Modified Date: November 27, 2012

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by Nicole Purcell
Isn't life all just a bit of give and take? We give things to get others, we take things to give ourselves things or to give others things (ala Robin Hood?). I think this is particularly true with diabetes. For example, at a wedding held later in the night, I might take a piece of cake to give myself either two hours of dancing OR maybe give myself a sleepless rest of the evening because of skyrocketing bloodsugar. I give myself a...