Iowa Brothers

Show 164

dLife Episode 164

Highlights: "Miami Ink" star Darren Brass talks about his diabetes life in tattoo business. Then, dLife goes to Iowa where two brothers share diabetes, but disagree on management. Plus, your health insurance questions answered, and in the kitchen, Chef Michel Nischan has a zesty, low-carb grilled fish dish.

Special Guests: Darren Brass; Chef Michel Nischan
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Last Modified Date: January 02, 2014

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by Lindsey Guerin
Lows are really nothing new to me. In the past (almost) 22 years, I've experienced every variety of low blood sugar. Two seizures, multiple black outs, the "I'm fine" at 32, the nauseating 85, and everything in between. That certainly doesn't mean that I'm used to them or that each low doesn't feel like a new and treacherous journey. They still scare me. They still annoy me. And they still overrun my life at times. Since I've hit the gym and the calorie counting on an aggressive...