Iowa Brothers

Show 164

dLife Episode 164

Highlights: "Miami Ink" star Darren Brass talks about his diabetes life in tattoo business. Then, dLife goes to Iowa where two brothers share diabetes, but disagree on management. Plus, your health insurance questions answered, and in the kitchen, Chef Michel Nischan has a zesty, low-carb grilled fish dish.

Special Guests: Darren Brass; Chef Michel Nischan
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Last Modified Date: January 02, 2014

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by Monica Dennis
So. It's been a little over a month now since prediabetes moved into my house. I had to take some time to process everything mentally and add a few more to-do's to my list: 1 - get a 3-hour glucose test for each kid (Check) 2 - schedule follow-ups with the nurse practitioner (Check) 3 - schedule a meeting with the head of the pediatric group to discuss (On hold) 4 - possibly find a new endo (Remains to be seen) Clearly there remains a fair amount of adjustment to be...