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Highlights: The ABCs of taking part in a clinical trial; the very latest on the search for a cure with TIME magazine’s Christine Gorman and Dr. Eva Feldman; and how one woman is making a difference in diabetes care in the Chicago Latino community.

Special Guests: Christine Gorman; Dr. Eva Feldman; Aida Giachello

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Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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by Carey Potash
An update on NightScout. When we last left, I was so frustrated with it that I was about ready to march right up to that cloud (if I could find the right one) and give someone or something a piece of my mind. Now … I wanna marry it! And all it took was a $3.50 cable. The streaming connection to Charlie’s Dexcom has been nearly flawless since receiving our new cable in the mail and I...