Diabetes Epidemics

Show 124 - Diabetes Epidemics

Dr. Rappaport 2

Highlights: dLife looks at communities at risk for type 2 diabetes. Dr. Julian Naylor of the Alaska Area Diabetes Program talks about the rise of ‘diabesity’ in Native Americans, and dLife visits the Arizona reservation of one Pima Indian tribe. Plus, overweight kids and diabetes – how you can help.

Special Guests: Dr. Julian Naylor; Dr. Robert Rapaport; Ardell Ruiz, Pima Tribe & Community Manager

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Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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by Brenda Bell
This past weekend was my STAR TREK group's anniversary picnic. Our hostess was one of our chapter's newer members, though she's definitely a second-generation member (perhaps since birth!) of the larger organization. She's also dealing with a couple of agressive, quality-of-life-limiting autoimmune conditions, at least one of which has been somewhat mitigated by the effect of bariatric surgery. In the relaxed atmosphere of a group picnic, she was able to explain a bit more about...
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