Depression & Conflict

Show 123 - Depression & Conflict


Highlights: The well-kept secret of diabetes-related sexual dysfunction in women – and what to do about it; an intimate visit with a diabetes support group, and how to deal with diabetes burnout and depression, with Dr. Bill Polonsky.

Special Guests: Janis Roszler, LD/N, RD, CDE; Dr. William Polonsky; Dr. Susan Guzman.

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Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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by Brenda Bell
Wednesday, a couple came into the store looking for teal paint to paint a (live) pumpkin. Oddly-colored pumpkins are part-and-parcel of Hallowe'en decorations in this environment: our undecorated pumpkins come in orange, cream, and black. Two years ago our manager spray-painted one purple-glitter; last year the floral designer ModPodged colorful scrapbooking papers to three tiered pumpkins. But this couple was looking for a specific shade of teal, the same way...