Show 117 - Heart

Heart Disease
(Pictured: Jim Turner talking with Cardiologist Dr. Sheldon Gottlieb.)

Highlights: Cardiologist Dr. Sheldon Gottlieb discusses how to minimize your risk factors for diabetes-related heart disease; Parade magazine editor Fran Carpentier talks frankly about juggling career and family with type 1 diabetes; and tips for eating out without losing control.

Special Guests: Dr. Sheldon Gottlieb; Fran Carpentier, Sr. Ed., Parade Magazine; Howard Steinberg, Founder & CEO, dLife.

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Last Modified Date: November 28, 2012

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by Brenda Bell
Many people say that depression is a side effect or complication of diabetes. Without discounting the association of the psychological condition with the physical one, I'm not convinced that our high and/or unstable glucose levels are directly responsible for that change in our mental state. My belief is that the unrelenting need for self-care, for following the sort of care schedules that can drive licensed, professional caregivers crazy, is what overwhelms us...
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