Neuropathy & Feet

Show 116 - Neuropathy & Feet

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Diabetes, Neuropathy, and Foot Care
(Pictured: Mother Love and podiatrist Dr. Andrew Rice check out ML's new custom shoe inserts.)

Highlights: Diabetic neuropathy explained with Dr. Aaron Vinik; how to recognize and prevent the little known complications of diabetes; foot care products that will keep you on your toes; and Mother Love’s visit to the podiatrist.

Special Guests: Dr. Aaron Vinik; Dr. Gerald Bernstein; Dr. Andrew Rice.

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by Lindsey Guerin
Apparently it’s National Drug Facts Week from January 26th to January 31st. Who knew? Personally, I didn’t but I can’t say that I’m connected to the medication world much. Yes, I rely on a prescription medication every moment of my life just to survive. But other than that, I try to steer clear of prescription medications when possible. National Drug Facts Week is about understanding your meds, feeling informed to ask the right questions, identifying side effects, and knowing...