Neuropathy & Feet

Show 116 - Neuropathy & Feet

dLifeTV diabetes television neuropathy and feet show

Diabetes, Neuropathy, and Foot Care
(Pictured: Mother Love and podiatrist Dr. Andrew Rice check out ML's new custom shoe inserts.)

Highlights: Diabetic neuropathy explained with Dr. Aaron Vinik; how to recognize and prevent the little known complications of diabetes; foot care products that will keep you on your toes; and Mother Love’s visit to the podiatrist.

Special Guests: Dr. Aaron Vinik; Dr. Gerald Bernstein; Dr. Andrew Rice.

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by Carey Potash
During that long first week in the hospital following diagnosis, the endocrinologists and nurses teach you many things. A proper hairy eyeball is not one of them. The hairy eyeball comes with time. Eyes are squinted at 30 degrees without blinking. Head moves slowly in direction of intended target and protrudes forward alien-like. Lips are tightly aligned and locked. Limbs and torso are...