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Backstage and on the Set with dLifeTV During the Taping of Episode 103

Mother Love Joe Frazier dLifeTV diabetes television

Mother Love with heavyweight boxing champ Joe Frazier.

Jim Turner dLifeTV diabetes television joslin medalist

dLifeTV co-host Jim Turner receives a 25-year certificate of achievement from Joslin Diabetes Center medalists Lynn Wickwire (L) and Sandy Asherman (R).

phife dawg tribe called quest dLifeTV diabetes television

Rapper Phife Dawg opens up about his diabetes diagnosis and hope for a kidney transplant.

dLife diabetes television TV cast

(L to R) dLife Founder Howard Steinberg talks to co-host Mother Love and Nicole Johnson Baker during a break, while transplant surgeon and dLifeTV guest Dr. Giacomo Basadonna looks on.

joslin diabetes center medalist program type 1 diabetes dLifeTV

Guests Lynn Wickwire (L) and Sandy Asherman (R) talk about their experiences living 50 years with type 1 diabetes.

joe frazier diabetes boxing nicole johnson baker dLifeTV picture

dLifeTV co-host Nicole Johnson Baker talks to Joe Frazier about his diabetes life.

Photography copyright 2005, Marc Bryan-Brown

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by Carey Potash
Charlie’s 12-year anniversary with type 1 just passed and I still know nothing about this diabetes and why it hates us so much. As if to remind us that it was its anniversary, diabetes unleashed hell on Friday. Charlie was stranded well over 400 for hours and even tipped the scale at 580. Susanne pulled Charlie out of school and started what became a wartime exercise in futility. It was one of the worst blood sugar days we’ve had in years. ...