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Rachel, 55, developed gestational diabetes while pregnant with her daughter, who is now an adult. Two years later she developed type 2 diabetes. Diabetes was nothing new to Rachel. Her mom and all of her brothers and sisters have type 2 diabetes. Even though extended family members also have type 2 diabetes, Rachel and her siblings never discussed it. It wasnt until their mother passed away from complications related to diabetes that Rachel and her sisters began talking about it. Now, they exchange tips from their doctors and even recipes for healthy meals on a weekly basis.

In May 2005, Rachel learned that her A1c level was much higher than the recommended A1c of less than seven. Rachels busy schedule has made it challenging for her to change her lifestyle, particularly her eating and exercise habits. In addition to her work at a Washington DC library, Rachel has also become more involved at her church where she is head deaconess. Rachel also assists the childrens music director and is often found planning events or birthday parties for her friends at church. They all look out for her by encouraging her to limit desserts or sweets. Her friends have been part of a great support network, but Rachel felt she needed more information and expert advice to help her better manage her diabetes and get on the right track.

What I want to get out of the Diabetes Makeover is a lifelong knowledge of how to control my diabetes. I want to learn what I can do for myself to help lower my A1c level and become a healthier person.

Since beginning the Makeover, Rachel has started walking every day as part of an exercise regimen prescribed by Dream Team fitness expert Paul Frickman. She has noticed that her blood glucose level drops 30 mg/dl (1.67 mmol/l) after exercise, which motivates her to stay on track. She is also joining a local gym and started participating in aerobics classes offered at work.

You can follow Rachels progress in the Diabetes Makeover by tuning into dLife at 7:00 p.m. ET on CNBC August 20, 2006.

UPDATE: Since starting her diabetes makeover in September 2005, Rachel has lost 18 pounds. While she says exercise has been challenging, she has increased her walking to 30 minutes and her blood glucose has dropped dramatically. Rachel credits her niece and nephew with being supportive of her efforts, encouraging her progress. She says now she no longer uses the word "diet" and is even thinking of going back to school to pursue a degree in education.

For more information on Rachel and the BD Diabetes Makeover, visit the BD website.

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