DO IT: Diabetes Outpatient Intensive Treatment Program

Whether you were diagnosed years ago or just recently, whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you know that with good strategies for nutrition, physical activity and medication, you can enjoy better health, experience far fewer medical complications and significantly increase the quality of your life.

Thats why we urge you to take advantage of the DO IT Program.

DO IT is the only diabetes management program of its kindcombining state-of-the-art medical care and diabetes education plus individualized nutrition and physical activity prescriptions. And DO IT is the only program of its kind offered by Joslin Clinic, part of the world-renowned Joslin Diabetes Center, the leader in research, education and clinical care for all forms of diabetes.

"Before coming to DO IT, I had heard before in different programs many of the things about diet and exercise and the like. It was taking all of those pieces and putting it all together that made DO IT work for me. DO IT participant from Sarasota, Fla. She credits DO IT for helping lower her A1C from 15 to just above 7.

A personal approach to living well with your diabetes

There are lots of books, brochures and articles filled with diabetes advice. But every person with diabetes is different. Your situationhow your body uses insulin, for example, or other health challenges you faceis not like anyone elses.
Because DO IT is literally organized around your unique situation, we can provide a close personalized approach to helping you manage your disease comfortably, confidently and well.

Studies show that DO IT patients have

Improved their A1C results by an average of almost 1.5 points. Those with the greatest risk of complications patients who had A1C readings greater than 10 reduced their levels by an average of 2.75 points in the first 3-6 months;

Reduced their emergency room visits and hospitalizations by more than 50 percent in the year following their DO IT participation; and

In that same period, reduced the time they lost from work and school by 43 percent.

Specialized diabetes care teams

Your DO IT team will consist of an endocrinologist, an exercise physiologist, a registered dietitian, nurse educators and a social worker. Youll start by meeting with each specialist individually in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Youll have a physical exam and lab work, and well take an image of your retina, using a state-of-the art retinal imaging system developed at Joslin.

Your team then evaluates your needs and works with you to design a personalized nutrition, physical activity and medication plan that you can manage comfortably to get the best control. Throughout the DO IT program, you and your team will work together to fine-tune your plan.

As a physician, I have a solid medical background about diabetes, but every day at the DO IT program, I learned something new. The DO IT program teaches patients to control their blood glucose levels and to reduce the risk of complications.
Physician and DO IT guest from Washington, D.C.

Small classes

Small classes allow DO IT participants to work together in a relaxed setting and enjoy learning the very latest techniques for diabetes management:

Interpreting blood glucose levels

Spotting, avoiding and treating low blood glucose

Responding to highs

Adjusting and timing your medications

Taking care of your heart and kidneys

Managing travel and sick days

Meeting nutritional goalsand still enjoying food

Removing the guess-work from dining out

Being physically active to maintain control

Reducing stress and staying motivated

Bringing others into your support network

We encourage you to bring your spouse, a family member or a friend who can learn about the challenges of managing diabetes and become part of your support network. Other than meals, there are no additional costs for your guest, and because much of good diabetes management comes down to a healthy lifestyle, all guests at DO IT leave with information valuable for their own health.

The resources of Joslin Clinic

Joslin Clinic has the largest team anywhere of board-certified physicians who are expert in treating diabetes in all of its forms.
While at Joslin Clinic, you can request a consultation with specialists in cardiovascular and renal diseases, obesity, insulin pump therapy, diabetes and pregnancy, diabetes and aging, sexual function, mental health and disorders of the feet. Consultations in ophthalmology can be requested through the Beetham Eye Institute, recognized as one of the finest facilities for diabetes eye care in the world. These consultations are not included in the cost of the DO IT program.

If recommended by your DO IT physician, you can also meet with specialists at our affiliate, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, affiliated with Harvard Medical School and one of Bostons finest teaching hospitals.

JoslinCare: State-of-the-art medical care. Education. Empowerment. Self-management. Patients educated in all facets of diabetes, from nutrition, to physical activity, to medication. Empowered patients actively making their own daily decisions. Researchers and clinicians dedicated to delivering the latest advances in care directly to patients. People living with diabetes for 25, 50, 75 years people with diabetes living long and healthy lives.

DO IT is based on the principles of JoslinCare.

Joslin research

Joslin Diabetes Center has over 300 researchers investigating all aspects of prediction, prevention, cure and complications for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

During your time in the DO IT Program, well take you on a tour of Joslins research labs, and youll learn first-hand about this exciting work.

Going forward

Throughout your DO IT experience youll be working one-on-one with a Joslin diabetes educator, who will serve as your case manager and will follow up with you by phone, fax or e-mail after the program.

Well also provide you and your primary care physician a record of your lab work, as well as a summary report of the changes youve made to your regimen and any findings that affect your medical care.

"Being diagnosed with diabetes was overwhelming. Here was a life-threatening disease that I wasnt going to be able to get rid of. There was so much to pay attention to, and I was getting a lot of conflicting advice. Then DO IT helped me pull everything together. It calmed me down, opened my mind to a lot of things I hadnt understood before and showed me how I could take control and live a good life. It was just the support I needed." DO IT participant from Needham, Mass.

DO IT now

Joslin Clinic offers DO IT throughout the year. The program runs from Monday through Thursday, and we also offer some weekend programs.

For a registration form, please call the DO IT office at 617-732-2628. We can also provide information on costs, insurance coverage, recommended accommodations and information you may need for medical referrals. Get the tools you need to take control and live a good life with diabetes.

Joslin Clinic
One Joslin Place
Boston, MA

Joslin Diabetes Center, dedicated to conquering diabetes in all of its forms, is the global leader in diabetes research, care and education. Founded in 1898, Joslin is affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Joslin research is a team of over 300 people at the forefront of discovery aimed at preventing and curing diabetes. Joslin Clinic, affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, the nationwide network of Joslin Affiliated Programs, and the hundreds of Joslin educational programs offered each year for clinicians, researchers and patients, enable Joslin to develop, implement and share innovations that immeasurably improve the lives of people with diabetes. As a nonprofit, Joslin benefits from the generosity of donors in advancing its mission. For more information, call 1-800-JOSLIN-1 or visit

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