History of Diabetes


Welcome to the dLife Diabetes Museum!

The history of diabetes can be found here in this easy-to-navigate tool. Scroll through time to meet innovators and history makers. Discover the first recorded occurrence of what was later understood to be diabetes. Learn more about the latest in technological advances. See video from dLifeTV about some of the unforgettable pioneers in the history of diabetes, then learn more on dLife.com.

The dLife Museum will never be complete. New information will be uncovered and added periodically. So stop back often. The museum is open 24/7. Visit now!

dLife Diabetes Museum

Last Modified Date: February 06, 2013

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by Carey Potash
Someone at work asked me for a “fun fact” about myself for an upcoming newsletter highlighting recent accomplishments. Having just had an absolutely hellish day and night of high blood sugars, I thought … Fun Fact: My son’s blood sugar was 525 yesterday. Fun Fact: My son’s blood sugar was so high that he couldn’t take part in his hockey team’s end-of-season party. Fun Fact: It took several...