Manage Your Diabetes On-The-Go
Your Ultimate Diabetes Lifestyle Manager and Tracker

Track blood glucose levels, find diabetes friendly recipes, watch videos from dLifeTV, and get expert answers to your diabetes questions.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, the dLife Diabetes Companion only tracks blood glucose levels in mg/dl, and does not support non-U.S. mmol/l measurements.

Log and track blood glucose levels and get a 360° view of your diabetes management.
Find expert and community answers to over 4,000 diabetes questions.
Find over 9,000 recipes and 25,000 foods with full nutritional analysis for your diabetes diet.
Over 400 dLifeTV videos - experts, cooking demos, plus real people real stories.

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"This is by far the greatest diabetes app out there. Very elegant design and extremely easy to use. It's packed with the things I need to manage 24/7, anywhere, any time. I just wish I could take it in the pool with me!"


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