Diabetic Supplies


Diabetic Supplies, Money Savings Offers and Helpful Tips

The cost of managing diabetes can quickly add up and becomes an additional burden to many.  To help you save money and stretch the dollars you spend, get special access to insider offers — an exclusive dLife member privilege!

Tips to Manage Diabetes Costs
Read must have information and quick tips to help you navigate through tough financial situations such as losing insurance, understanding Medicare, and dealing with tax issues.


Last Modified Date: May 20, 2013

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by Lindsey Guerin
Because I wear my Dexcom on my arm, I’ve slowly adjusted to the fact that people will ask me about it. Sometimes it’s the rude and inquisitive “What’s that?” and sometimes it’s somewhat sincere curiosity “Is that a (insert random type of medical device that they assume)?” Sometimes it bothers me more than others depending on how they ask and how they respond once I’ve told them what it is. I have limits to how much myth-busting I want to do in everyday conversation and how much rudeness I can...