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Scott K. JohnsonScott K. Johnson is a native Minnesotan. He was born into a working class family in April of 1975. His mother was a nurse for 30 years and his father a painter. In April of 1980, at the age of 5, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Like most type 1 diabetics, Scott has struggled with diabetes and the lack of support and resources for this disease. As a means to find support and connect with those in similar situations, Scott created his own website which chronicled his daily struggles, thus the evolution of his blog. Scott's blog caught the attention of an Editorial Assistant at dLife and here begins his work as a contributing writer in the Viewpoints section on Scott is married with two children, and works as a freelance writer and diabetes consultant out of the Minneapolis, MN area.

You can also read Scott's blog, Scott's Diabetes, here.

Sleep and Blood Glucose
How sleep deprivation can affect your blood glucose level

Understanding A1C
The science and psychology behind the A1C test

My Pocket System
Keeping track of your diabetes supplies is no easy task

Big Accomplishments and Pushing Through
Running my first half marathon

Exposure to Others
Making choices to take control of my diabetic life

Hypoglycemia and Fear
What to do when diabetic blood sugar is low

Hit the Ground Running
Accomplishing goals in unexpected ways

Except When It Doesn't
Dealing with doing everything right and still experiencing low blood sugars.

Different Forms of Stress
Sometimes stress can sneak up on you.

The Blessings of Exercise
Why the balancing act of diabetes and exercise is worth it.

Used to Seem Like a Long Time
Insulin pump evolution in 4-year increments.

Cutting Him Off
Handling diabetes horror stories.

Logging in the Era of CGM
Struggling to capture the context of my diabetes managment decisions.

Celebrating World Diabetes Day
Buildings go blue in honor of diabetes awareness — what will you do?

All in a Day's Work
Reflecting on the challenges of physically demanding jobs and diabetes.

Mixing Instructions
Struggling to interpret another nutrition label.

Mental Health Month
Examining the relationship between diabetes and depression.

Packaged Foods
They make carbohydrate counting easier, but are they good for you?

Resolving to Log
Keeping track of information to improve my diabetes control.

Newton's Cradle
Why it can take days to stabilize after a blood sugar roller coaster.

It's hard to be patient, but I know it's a skill I need to work on.

"I Did It for Diabetes"
One pedal push at a time got this columnist to the finish line.

A Memorable Mom
Marveling at a mother's bravery in the face of a child with diabetes.

Share Your Story
The mechanics of our diabetes may be similar, but our stories couldn't be more different.

Step After Step
Scott Johnson pushes his way to the top.

Breaking a Habit
Keeping changes small for bigger success.

The Power of People
Whether you find support in an online community or downtown, support can make all the difference.

Me and My Cravings
Working toward a better understanding.

Fighting with Perfection
Balancing perfectionism and diabetes.

When Do You Call it An Eating Disorder
And when is it diabetes?

Too Much of a Good Thing
How a fear of low blood sugar translates to extra calories.

Does This Make Me a Bad Diabetic?
Choosing between food and glucose tabs to treat low blood sugars.

Bested by a Can of Tomato Soup
How many grams of carbs are there in this, anyway?

Jumping Through Hoops
A glucagon kit is cheaper than an ambulance ride, yet insurance coverage doesn't always agree.

Finding My Food Balance
Dealing with diabetes, and food issues, isn't easy.

Carb Addiction
Wanted: Ways to make healthy improvements!

Medic Alert Me
Deciding to don some diabetes jewelry.

Too Hard On Myself
Balancing blood sugar numbers can be an emotional roller coaster.

Changing Seasons
Weathering my diabetes management plan in the winter.

A1C Mismatch
Is the A1C test just another number, or is it THE number?

Buying Time
Every hour in control means a healthier future.

Diabetes To-Do List
It's hard to cross things off of a lifelong task list.

Ignoring the variables we can control can be an accident waiting to happen.

Wise Teacher
Even after all this time, we still have so much to learn.

Tools Are Tools
Making use of advanced diabetes technology tools and old-fashioned determination.

Hungry Muscles
Working out a plan while on the move – literally!

Making adjustments to create a healthier big picture.

Waiting Period
The struggle to treat a low blood sugar without going overboard.

The Emotions of It All
Acknowledging and managing the emotions of diabetes.

A Letter in the Mail
Diabetes and health insurance means jumping through more hoops.

My Wires Are Crossed
Recognizing and dealing with confusing feelings.

The Routine
The comfort, peace of mind, and power of repeat actions.

Wait – Isn't That Backwards?
Gaining control by raising the blood sugar bar.

How each diabetes moment tips into the next.

The Snowflake Factor
It takes different "diabetes math" for each person with diabetes.

The Diabetes Roller Coaster
Daily management can throw blood sugars and emotions for a loop.

Sabotaged by Lows?
Nighttime treatments with favorite foods impair weight loss efforts.

To Celebrate or Not Celebrate?
Diabetes diagnosis date can be chance for reflection and change.

Motivation Revival
It takes a team to create, work management plan.

Readying Every Resource
Acknowledging and accepting the link between diabetes and depression

Self-Made Scientists
The daily routine of monitoring diabetes requires a variety of hats.

No Rest for the Worried
Managing blood sugar during sleep can be a shot in the dark.

Feeling Judged
Dealing with anxiety, guilt, and numbers.

It Is OK to Need Help
Getting a grip on diabetes may mean having to let go of male pride.

Visit Scott's website.


dLife's Daily Living columnists are not all medical experts, but everyday people living with diabetes and sharing their personal experiences. While their method of diabetes management may work for them, everyone is different. Please consult with your diabetes care team to find out what will work best for you.

Last Modified Date: July 28, 2015

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