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Dr. Nat Strand Dr. Nat Strand MD is an interventional pain management physician focused on a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. She is currently an Assistant Professor in Clinical Anesthesiology, and a practicing physician of interventional pain management at USC Keck School of Medicine. Dr. Strand is committed to improving patients' quality of life through a multi-disciplinary approach delivered with a personal touch. (Read more.)

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Re-engaging in American Diabetes Month

Even after years of living with diabetes, Dr. Nat Strand, dLife Patient Champion, finds there are still many diabetes surprises in life.

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Exposing Your Beedies
Dr. Nat Strand, dLife patient champion, shares tips on disclosing your diabetes and how to combat those tough questions and responses!

Handle with Care
Dr. Nat Strand, dLife Patient Champion, shares positive insights on how to care with awareness for those family members with diabetes.

College Life
Dr. Nat Strand gives some helpful tips on making the college transition easier with diabetes.

Nat Strand's Vlogs
Get help straight from the dLife Patient Champion as she talks on a host of diabetes topics.

Nat Strand
One amazing type 1 woman shares her journey around the globe to conquer television's Amazing Race.

Did You Know: Almonds
Dr. Nat Strand explains why almonds are a healthy snack choice.

Did You Know: Neuropathy
Dr. Nat Strand answers a viewer's question on neuropathy.

Did You Know: Animals
Dr. Nat Strand talks about animals and diabetes.

Did You Know: Children & Shots
Dr. Nat Strand gives some tips to help children adjust to injecting shots.

Did You Know: Side Effects
Dr. Nat Strand gives helpful tips to help ease medication side effects.

Did You Know: Pumps
Dr. Nat Strand explains how insulin pump technology has evolved.

Did You Know: Coffee
Dr. Nat Strand answers why coffee may raise blood sugar.

Did You Know: Water
Dr. Nat Strand talks about why it's important to drink water regularly.

Did You Know: Memory
Dr. Nat Strand talks about how high blood sugars can affect memory.

Last Modified Date: March 12, 2013

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I am in desperate need of a nap. Between frequent bathroom trips and constant tossing and turning overnight, my sleep has dwindled. But what do you expect at almost 33 weeks pregnant? My whole body is tired these days though. Two weeks ago, a mix of severe lightheadedness and some weird blood pressure readings at home had my doctor send me to Labor & Delivery for a couple of hours of observation. My blood pressure was fine while at the hospital and I haven’t been checking as...
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