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Dr. Charles Martin DDS Dr. Charles Martin is a senior diagnostician who teaches other dentists inside and outside the practice. He uses his extensive training and experience to treat even the most challenging dental situations. He has been delivering cosmetic, implant, and functional solutions to patients for over 20 years. His commitment to doing it right and his ability to handle just about anything has won him the admiration of patients and other doctors. A major focus is using his expertise to prevent major problems from ever happening.

A 1975 biology graduate of Virginia Tech, Dr. Martin earned his DDS from the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry in 1979. His post-doctoral training includes the Misch Implant Institute, the Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Education and the L.D. Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education. Dr. Martin is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Cosmetic Dentistry Program at Case Western Reserve University. He has taught at the Georgetown University School of Dentistry and the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry.

As a dental professional, Dr. Martin has been awarded the designation Fellow in the International Academy of Dentofacial Esthetics (cosmetic dentistry). This select dental-medical group recognizes achievement in appearance-enhancing care – the science and medical practice of making people look good. This special recognition is by nomination only and includes the top facial and appearance related healthcare therapists and researchers in the world.

Other important recognitions include Master in the Academy of General Dentistry, a top-level honor coveted by general dentists, and requires several hundred hours of rigorous lecture and actual treatment of patients.

A Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr. Martin is one of a very select group of dentists awarded this international honor. He is one of the few dentists in the state of Virginia to perform both the surgical and reconstructive phases of implant dentistry for over 29 years.

As founder of DentistryForDiabeticsSM, a practice with select colleagues nationwide, Dr. Martin enjoys the promise of delivering potentially life-saving dental care to people who have diabetes across the country. Training DentistryForDiabeticsSM dentists in the clinical knowledge they require to address the oral health needs of their patients who have diabetes, he finds it truly rewarding to see the lights go on in these medical minds as they recognize the important role they can play in the overall health and well-being of thousands of Americans.

Perhaps most gratifying is the understanding that, as dentists who have specific knowledge in how to provide care to prevent or reverse the ravages of diabetes, they can help people lead a more fulfilling existence, preserving their quality of life, avoiding needless untold suffering, and literally saving lives.

Dr. Martin is at work on a book designed to provide people who have diabetes with the knowledge they need to become an active advocate for their own oral health so that periodontal disease never develops into a factor that compounds diabetes and compromises quality of life.

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