Leslie J Josel

Founder, Order Out of Chaos Organizing Consulting/Transition Specialists


Leslie Leslie Josel launched Order Out of Chaos in 2004 after her son was diagnosed with ADHD, Executive Dysfunction and other learning differences. Originally focusing her practice on working with the chronically disorganized (ADHD, students with learning challenges, hoarding behaviors); she expanded her business in 2008 to include relocation and downsizing services.

Leslie is a certified member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and has received its Golden Circle distinction. She received her ADHD and Hoarding Specialist certifications from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). Leslie is also a graduate of the JS T Coach Training Program for teens and college students with ADHD.

In the fall of 2011, she launched her first product, an Academic Planner, as a tool to teach time management to middle and high school students. The planner, awarded glowing reviews by many media outlets including Family Circle and ADDitude magazines, is available through Order Out of Chaos' website, Amazon.com and retail stores nationwide. She is currently partnering with a calendar company to expand her product line for college and elementary school students.

Leslie is known as a respected resource on ADHD and Executive Functioning in students and has been featured in national broadcast and print media on these subjects. She also speaks and conducts workshops nationally to parent and educator groups on a variety of issues and topics facing students today. Leslie recently co-authored her first book "The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life", published this fall by Spry Publishing.

Known nationally as an expert on chronic disorganization and hoarding issues, Leslie has appeared on many episodes of TLC's hit television show, "Hoarding: Buried Alive", the Cooking Channel's television special, "Stuffed: Food Hoarders", "dLife-TV" and the Hallmark Channel's "The Better Show" as their organizing expert. She is frequently quoted in mainstream news media such as MORE Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, New York's Daily News, and many other print media.

In addition to her focus on organizational issues, Leslie also coaches other women entrepreneurs. A sought after speaker, she presents often at conferences on women's entrepreneurship and was recently invited to be a member of Cornell University's prestigious President's Council of Cornell Women.

Leslie lives in Larchmont, NY with her husband, Wayne, and son, who is now a high school sophomore. Her daughter is a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis. In her all-too-rare spare time, you can find Leslie hiding out in her car indulging in her favorite treats -- trashy magazines and frozen yogurt.

Last Modified Date: November 19, 2013

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