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DavidKColorPixDavid Kliff is an insulin-using person with diabetes who was diagnosed at the age of 36. After his diagnosis, David set out to learn everything he could about the disease he would have for the rest of his life. In doing so, David turned his diabetes diagnosis into an investment opportunity.

Being a former Independent Registered Investment Advisor, David understood the value of independent investment research. Quite simply, the most valuable commodity an investor can have is unbiased information. Too often, investment research provided by the major brokerage firms didn't tell the whole story. While conducting his research, David quickly realized the investment potential within the diabetes industry. Add in the epidemic growth rate of diabetes and it's easy to see why hundreds of companies are involved in the world of diabetes.

Sensing a huge investment opportunity, David set out to learn about the many publicly traded companies in the diabetes sector. He believed that his investment clients would profit by investing in companies that were leaders in the diabetes sector. Unfortunately, the investment research on many of these companies fell short on two fronts: either the company was not being followed by the analysts, or the analysis that was done did not understand the world of diabetes and therefore led to flawed conclusions. It was here that Diabetic Investor was born.

Living with diabetes, David not only used many of the products but he understood the psychological impact of diabetes. This perspective proved to be invaluable when analyzing the many companies involved in the diabetes sector.

After he began publishing, Diabetic Investor quickly became the leading source of information on the diabetes sector. Featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Money magazine, Forbes, Technology Investor, and many others, Diabetic Investor has been recognized as the number one source of research when it comes to the business of diabetes. David Kliff has also appeared on CNBC.

Today, David, who is married and also has a talent for cooking, dedicates his full-time attention to Diabetic Investor and has sold his money management firm. Propelled by a commitment to present unbiased information to his readers, David shares that he nor any members of his immediate family own any of the stocks that he covers. To this end, "I fully disclose any business relationships I have with any company I write about and I do not sell my subscriber information to anyone," he says. You can read and subscribe to Diabetic Investor at www.diabeticinvestor.com.

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Diabetic Investor

Listen to David Kliff and dLife's Janis Rozler discuss:

- Investing in the diabetes industry
- How he got into this area of investing
- Breakdown of the diabetes market
- The business and technology of diabetes

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Last Modified Date: March 27, 2013

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