Joy Pape's Past Columns

Nov. 2010 - Your Wound Care Resource, Part 4
Diabaetes wound healing begins with proper treatment.

Sept. 2010 - Your Wound Care Resource, Part 3
Taking the first steps toward wound treatment.

July 2010 - Your Wound Care Resource, Part 2
Discovering and treating a pressure sore.

May 2010 - Your Wound Care Resource, Part 1
Treating stubborn wounds and sores.

March 2010 - Medicine for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) May Surprise You
Antidepressants, anticonvulsants do double duty.

Jan. 2010 - When Wearing Shoes Hurts and Other Foot Issues
Tips for your feet in everyday situations.

Nov. 2009 - Limb Loss Prevention Continues
3 more tips for you to keep your feet and legs for life.

Sept. 2009 - Prevent Limb Loss
3 tips for you to keep your feet and legs for life.

July 2009 - Your Questions Answered About Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy
Prevention, treatment a possibility.

May 2009 - Why the White Socks?
With foot complications of diabetes, socks can tell all.

March 2009 - What You Don't Need (SS)
The truth behind diabetes products.

Dec. 2008 - Avoid the Fraud of Diabetic Shoes
Footwear needs can often be met at everyday shoe stores.

Nov. 2008 - A Holiday Gift to Soothe the Sole
To show love to your feet, treat them well.

Oct. 2008 - Feeling the Freeze
Protect yourself by identifying the causes of cold feet.

Sept. 2008 - Dry Skin? Don't Always Blame it on Diabetes
Environment, other conditions sometimes factors.

Aug. 2008 - Always Remember the Basics
If you don't know 'em, it's time to learn 'em.

July 2008 - Athlete's Foot: Is It for Athlete's Only
Infection looms in fickle fungus.

June 2008 - Barefoot on the Beach? Not!
Even the most diligent should keep their shoes on.

May 20008 - Summer Toes and Feet WoesDon't Gross Me Out: Part 2
Shoeless strolls outdoors can lead to major health hazards.

April 2008 - Don't Gross Me Out: Part 1
Household accidents can have serious implications.

March 2008 - Alternatives for Your Aching Feet Part 2
Capsaicin may give the kick they need.

Feb. 2008 - Alternatives for Your Aching Feet Part 1
Two treatment options tackle the pain of DPN.

Jan. 2008 - Help! My Feet and Legs are Swollen
Presence of edema rooted in multiple causes.

Dec. 2007 - Double Trouble from Common Foot Problems and Diabetes - Part 3
Hammering out the problem with hammertoes.

Nov. 2007 - Double Trouble from Common Foot Problems and Diabetes - Part 2
Beating bunions.

Oct. 2007 - Double Trouble from Common Foot Problems and Diabetes - Part 1
Common foot problems doesn't mean without trouble.

Oct. 2007 - Got Pain In Your Legs and Feet? Get the Right Diagnosis!
Neuropathy not always the root of nerve issues.

Aug. 2007 - Don't Forget Your Shoes!
Make smart footwear choices when traveling.

June 2007 - Face It Now or It Won't Be Pretty
Protect your limbs with proper foot care.

May 2007 - Do Crocs Rock?
Latest foot fad may give pause for people with diabetes.

April 2007 - Flip Flops, No Socks, and Crocs
Keeping footwear cute and diabetes-friendly in the summertime.

March 2007 - The Nerve of Your Feet!
Great diabetes care does not guarantee problem-free extremities.

Feb. 2007 - Take A Look To Keep Your Feet
Daily diligence will help keep you on your toes for life.

Jan. 2007 - Your Skin and Beyond - Part 4
Prevention is the first, last, and best step in wound treatment.

Dec. 2006 - Your Skin and Beyond - Part 3
Know your wounds before you treat your wounds.

Nov. 2006 Shoes Can Make or Break Your Outfit
But don't break the diabetes shoe rules for the holidays.

Oct. 2006 - Your Skin and Beyond – Part 2
Understand the beauty of skin protection.

Sept. 2006 - Your Skin and Beyond - Part 1
Good diabetes management shows inside and out.

Aug. 2006 - Summer Toes, Feet And Summer Shoes: Part Two
Once feet are pampered, it's time to chose shoes.

July 2006 - Summer Toes, Feet, and Shoes
Toeing the line between fashion and best health choices.

May 2006 - I Can't Exercise Because of My Feet
Get the facts on your health before you get to moving.

Jan. 2006 - Diabetes and Feet — What's the Deal?
Why and how to take that extra care

Dec. 2005 - I Don't Want To Wear Ugly Shoes! Especially During The Holidays!
Diabetes does not have to limit your choice of footwear.

Nov. 2005 - Oh, My Aching, Cracked Feet!
Pinpointing neuropathy symptoms can be a challenge

Oct. 2005 - Neuropathy By Any Other Disease is Still Neuropathy
Even with co-morbidities, nerve pain must be addressed

Sept. 2005 - Stay On Your Toes
Finding the right doctors, shoes for your feet

Aug. 2005 - An Ounce of Prevention Can Keep Your Feet Healthy for Life
High blood sugars common source of many issues

May 2005 - The Do's and Dont's of Foot Care
Basic steps can help keep wounds at bay

April 2005 - Footwear Myths and Other Misinformation
There are a lot of myths about diabetes and footcare - unavoidable amputation and the curse of ugly footwear being two of the more common ones. Joy Pape busts these myths and more in the debut edition of "Inside the Box."

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the benefits that made it cost-effective for me to go with the real healthcare (HSA) plan rather than the phony (HRA) plan is that my company is now covering "preventative" medicines at $0 copay. The formulary for these, as stated by CVS/Caremark (my pharmacy benefits provider), covers all test strips, lancets, and control solutions. I dutifully get my doctor to write up prescriptions for all of my testing needs, submit...
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