Inside the Box - the Shoe Box

We are always encouraged to think outside of the box. When it comes to diabetes and feet, I'm going to ask you to start thinking and looking inside the box…the shoebox.

March 2015 - Saving Supplies and Money
Can I reuse my syringes, needles and lancets?

October 2014 - Little Known Reasons Your Glucose Levels Are All Over the Place
Improvements in Injecting Insulin (Part 3)

September 2014 - Little Known Reasons Your Blood Sugar is All Over the Place
Improvements in Injecting Insulin (Part 2)

May 2014 - Improvements on Injecting Insulin
Technique one of little known reason for blood sugar inconsistency (Part 1 of a series)

Apr. 2014 - Are You Gaining Weight?
Common causes and solutions for people with diabetes

Mar. 2014 - Let Your Kidneys Help You Manage Type 2 Diabetes
New class of diabetes medications offers organ assistance

Jan. 2014 - Baby It's Cold Outside! Is Your Blood Sugar Higher?
Ask youself these questions to get to the bottom

Dec. 2013 - Diabetes and Your Heart
Tips to help you prevent or manage this common complication

Nov. 2013 - Causes of High Blood Sugar in the Morning
And how you can treat it

Oct. 2012 - Interview with Dr. Mark Hinkes, DPM, Author of Healthy Feet for People with Diabetes
Tips on caring for diabetic feet

March 2012 - Headline News: Amputation Rate Much Lower in Adults Who Have Diabetes!
Better management credited for decline

Nov. 2011 - Can You Wear the Shoes You Love?
Are high heels safe for people with diabetes?

Sept. 2011 - Foot Care Terms You Should Know.
Common conditions can lead to diabetes complications.

July 2011 - 5 Summer Tips for Your Feet and Toes
Protection is key no matter the time of year.

May 2011 - Perfect Your Pedicure
Tips for having pretty feet all year long.

March 2011 - The VIPs of Healing a Wound
When it's too late to prevent, here's the next step.

Jan. 2011 - When You See Your Health Care Provider, Don't Forget Your Feet
Ask for a foot exam during your regular check up.

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by Brenda Bell
As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the benefits that made it cost-effective for me to go with the real healthcare (HSA) plan rather than the phony (HRA) plan is that my company is now covering "preventative" medicines at $0 copay. The formulary for these, as stated by CVS/Caremark (my pharmacy benefits provider), covers all test strips, lancets, and control solutions. I dutifully get my doctor to write up prescriptions for all of my testing needs, submit...
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