Gary Hall Jr.'s Expert Column List

June 2005 - Gary Hall, Jr. on Diabetes Public Awareness
Gary speaks about getting involved in more diabetes programs.

April 2005 - In the Fast Lane with Gary Hall, Jr.
Gary's musings on Speedo modeling, Nicole Johnson Baker, and appearing on dLifeTV with boxing legend Joe Frazier.

February 2005 - Gary Hall, Jr.: Medaling in Diabetes
Gary speaks out on his diagnosis, swimming in Athens, and more.

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by Brenda Bell
There are many things to be said about the American holiday of Thanksgiving. While much of the "legend" of the holiday is probably propaganda (Were the Pilgrims and Indians as close as we'd like them to be? Would a harvest celebration in New England really be this late in the year, when there would have likely already been snow? And what about the turkey, which has changed so much from the bird Ben Franklin touted for our national emblem?), there is something to be said for...