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Gary Hall Jr. is a three-time Olympian, ten-time Olympic medalist, American record-holder, and hero to millions of swimmers and diabetes patients. Gary is widely known by his fans for his charismatic personality, shadow boxing, and flexing at big swim meets.

In Athens, at the age of 29, Gary was the oldest American male swimmer to compete in the Olympic Games since Duke Kahanamoku in 1924. He also became the second most decorated Olympian of all-time, tied with Carl Lewis.

Gary has type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed in 1999 after collapsing at a party, Gary was initially discouraged by his doctors who kept telling him that he wouldnt be able to compete anymore. But a respite in the mountains of South America, accompanied by his girlfriend (now wife) Elizabeth Peterson, gave him the resolve he needed to move forward in his life and get back into the sport of swimming. He also found that his attitude toward life in general had changed profoundly. I definitely dont take anything for granted. I live every single day as if its going to be my last. He now tests his blood sugar 10 to 12 times per day and relies on insulin as his life support. Hall hopes to raise the awareness of diabetes throughout the world.

Born on September 26, 1974 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gary Hall, Jr. comes from a long line of swimmers. His father, Gary Hall, Sr., was a three-time Olympian and was the American flag bearer at the opening ceremonies at the 1976 Montreal Games the last swimmer to be so honored. Garys uncle, Charles Keating III, was also a member of the Olympic swim team in 1976 as a breaststroker. His grandfather, Charles Keating, Jr., was an All-American and national champion swimmer in the 1940s.

Outside the pool, Gary travels the world, passionately sharing his love for the sport of swimming and his experiences with diabetes with children, parents, coaches, doctors, and executives. He has been dLifeTV's sports and fitness correspondent since the show launched in early 2005, as well as serving on the dLife advisory board.

Long after Gary retires, he plans to continue endorsing products that he believes in, promoting the sport of swimming, and providing motivation to people with diabetes.

Read Gary's columns here.

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