Theresa Garnero's Past Columns

Nov. 2010 - Dance and Diabetes
Dance Out Diabetes is a fun way to stay active and manage diabetes.

Sept. 2010 - The Adventures of Avandia
The saga continues.

July 2010 - Using Depth Hypnosis to Transform Diabetes into a Spiritual Journey
Making the transition from burden to blessing.

May 2010 - The Diabetes and Cancer Link
What you need to know

March 2010 - Sweet and Gay
The unrecognized diabetes minority

Jan. 2010 - Going Green
The benefits of a vegetarian diet on diabetes management

Nov. 2009 - The PCOS / Diabetes Connection
Insulin resistance common thread of disorders

Sept. 2009 - Diabetes Stigmas and Struggles Part 2
Understanding the lack of prediabetes information

July 2009 - Diabetes Stigma and Struggles Part 1
Controlling type 2 diabetes can be a frustrating affair.

May 2009 - Adjusting Your Insulin Dose (SS)
How to use your insulin in a variety of life situations

March 2009 - Figuring Out Your Insulin Dosage
Two methods to help determine insulin-to-carb ratios.

Jan. 2009 - Handling Accidental or Missed Insulin Doses
Timing is everything.

Dec. 2008 - Treating Diabetes
Insulin can be a good option for type 2s too

Nov. 2008 - A Commentary on the 2008 ADA/EASD Guidelines for Tight Glycemic Control
Are the risks worth the rewards?

Oct. 2008 - Pumping Like a Pancreas
Using the advanced bolusing features.

Sept. 2008 - Making the Call for Help: Warning Signs of Diabetes Disaster
Getting help before disaster strikes.

Aug. 2008 - Taking It To Heart
Tests to keep your ticker ticking.

July 2008 - A Tale of Two Glucose Monitors: Which One is Telling the Truth
Accuracy similar across products.

June 2008 - DeFronzo Dethrones ADA Protocol for Type 2 Diabetes
An altered approach could protect beta cells.

May 2008 - Making Sense of Glucose During Puberty
Balancing both requires delicate hand.

April 2008 - Glycemic Index Applied to a Vegetarian Diet
Choices are more varied than it seems.

March 2008 - My Doctor Isn't Giving Me Answers; Can You?
Answers to unresolved problems.

Feb. 2008 - Thanks in ADVANCE
The study that refutes ACCORD trial results.

Jan. 2008 - Hope for Neuropathy
Nerve decompression surgery offers treatment for symptomatic neuropathy.

Dec. 2007 - Readers Respond in Mass to Avandia Article
The dLife community asks many questions after last column about Avandia.

Nov. 2007 - The Politics Behind the Fall of Avandia
How one doctor and statistician took down the number one diabetes drug.

Oct. 2007 - Glucophage Quirkiness
Interesting experiences shared by dLife readers.

Sept. 2007 - Getting on Track
Dealing with pancreatitis and meds that don't do what they should.

Aug. 2007 - To TZD or Not To TZD?
The ongoing Avandia and Actos safety debate

July 2007 - Medication Mysteries Part 2
More questions from dLife readers.

June 2007 - Medication Mysteries Part 1
A mix of questions from dLife readers.

May 2007 - Passing On an Inheritance
Tips on derailing the diabetes train.

April 2007 - Prescription Interference
Answers on how medication affects diabetes.

March 2007 - Haven't Got Time For the Pain … of Neuropathy
dLife readers ask how to escape the painful grip of neuropathy.

Feb. 2007 - Adventures with the Snowmobile
Keeping your diabetes supplies safe while traveling in the cold weather.

Jan. 2007 - Glucose Problem Solving
Finding out the effects of prednisone and blood donation

Dec. 2006 - Frustrated Readers Unite, Part II
From stubborn acanthosis nigricans to issues at work and in the bedroom.

Nov. 2006 - Frustrated Readers Unite, Part I
From unruly glucose levels to catching every virus that comes to town.

Oct. 2006 - Making the Call for Help: Warning Signs of Diabetes Disaster
Seven reasons why you should call your doctor.

Sept. 2006 - Sweating it Out
Readers ask about excessive perspiration, weight gain and thyroid nodules.

Aug. 2006 - Heads or Tails?
Deciphering case studies of unexplained glucose levels.

July 2006 - Bubble Trouble
The significance of soda on the kidneys and beyond.

June 2006 - Up, Up, and Away
Case studies of increasing weight and glucose values

May 2006 - Queries of Lows and Sleep Woes
Theresa answers readers' questions.

April 2006 - Alcohol Awareness
A spirited review of alcohol-related research.

March 2006 - Being Kind to Your Kidneys
Tips on preventing problems.

Feb. 2006 - After Meal Highs
Solving the spiking glucose puzzle.

Jan. 2006 - Somogyi Effect VS. Dawn Phenomenon
Some factors that can elevate fasting blood glucose values.

Dec. 2005 - On Numbers and Neuropathy
Theresa answers more questions from the dLife community.

Nov. 2005 - The Medicine Mix
Your doctor is best guide when bewildered about diabetes medication.

Oct. 2005 - Diabetes Question Marks, Part II
Theresa answers your specific questions about managing your diabetes in part 2 of this 2-part column.

Sept. 2005 - Diabetes Question Marks, Part I
Theresa answers your specific questions about managing your diabetes in part 1 of this 2-part column.

Aug. 2005 - When Hospitalized, Insulin is Not Your Enemy
Hyperglycemia the real foe for patients managing diabetes.

July 2005 - The Seven Wonders of Diabetes Management
The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) releases 7 self-care behaviors.

June 2005 - Is It Epilepsy or Sugar Low Seizures?
Theresa distinguishes between epilepsy and diabetes-related hypoglycemia.

May 2005 - When Will They Find a Cure for Diabetes?
Theresa answers question about diabetes research efforts.

Feb. 2005 - Diabetes, Genetics, and Warning Signs
In this debut edition of "Ask an Educator," find out the symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and the role hereditary plays in the development of the disease.

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by Brenda Bell
As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the benefits that made it cost-effective for me to go with the real healthcare (HSA) plan rather than the phony (HRA) plan is that my company is now covering "preventative" medicines at $0 copay. The formulary for these, as stated by CVS/Caremark (my pharmacy benefits provider), covers all test strips, lancets, and control solutions. I dutifully get my doctor to write up prescriptions for all of my testing needs, submit...
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