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Ask an Educator

Jan. 2012 - Hepatitis B Vaccination for People With Diabetes
Compelling evidence points to necessity of immunization.

Sept. 2011 - Diabetes and Marijuana
The surprising conclusion.

May 2011 - When Diabetes Is Not Your Only Health Concern
Steps to improve your health in the wake of many chronic conditions.

March 2011 - Get Rest or Get Fat
Loss of sleep affects hormone creation.

Jan. 2011 - Emotional Brain Training
Stress relief tactics may restore balance.

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by Brenda Bell
My diabetes is changing. Until a few years ago, my morning readings were reasonable and within the desired range of under 100 mg/dl. About two years ago, they started slipping upwards into the less-desirable but apparently not-worrisome range of 100-110 mg/dl. Now, this was what was recorded by my Abbott Freestyle Lite meter, which is known to record at the lower end of the home-glucometer variability range, but with my A1c firmly in the high 5s and low 6s, the meter's tendency to...