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Diabetes Simplified: Growing up Too Quickly
Looking at juvenile type 2

Diabetes Simplified: Living with Diabetes After Diagnosis
Slowing the progression of diabetes

April 2015 - Diabetes Simplified: Urine Microalbumin
Why getting a microalbumin test is crucial to your health

March 2015 - Diabetes Simplified: Polar Extremes
Blood sugar highs and lows in type 2 diabetes

February 2015 - Diabetes Simplified: Watching Out for Your Eyes
The truth about diabetes and eyesight

November 2014 - Diabetes Simplified: A1C Testing
The science (or black magic) behind A1C

October 2014 - Diabetes Simplified: Listen-Up
Your diabetes can cause hearing loss

September 2014 - Diabetes and Depression
Identifying and treating diapression

August 2014 - Why Immunize?
Immunizations for children and diabetes vaccinations

July 2014 - Diabetes Simplified: Turning up the heat
Can heat affect blood sugar levels?

June 2014 — Treatment for Gastroparesis
Controlling blood sugar is the first line of defense

April 2014 — If You Have Diabetes, Can You Drink Alcohol?
The simple truth about this disputed activity

March 2014 — How to Love Someone with Diabetes
Family support critical part of treatment plan

February 2014 — Surfing the Side Effects
Using meds to reap unintended diabetes, weight loss benefits

January 2014 —  Understanding Your Thyroid
What can go wrong and common treatment options

December 2013 — Your Heart is in Your Hands
Taking a closer look at a leading diabetes complication

November 2013 — Breaking Dawn
Identifying, handling various causes that bump your blood sugar in the night  

October 2013 — The Diabetic Handyman
To take care of diabetes, you need good tools and a good foundation.

September 2013 — Kidney Armor
Blood pressure meds are best defense against renal failure.

August 2013 — The Most Famous Person with Diabetes is…
Some heroes are born, others are made.

July 2013 — The Body Short-Circuited
Nerve damage caused by diabetes can affect nearly every part of your body.

June 2013 — There's Nothing "Pre" About Prediabetes
Slowing the progression from prediabetes to diabetes.

May 2013 — Insulin
Simplifying one of the most misunderstood medications of all time.

April 2013 — Food, Glorious Food
Does the "diabetic diet" still exist?

March 2013 — The Insulin Pump
Find out how pumps can make your diabetes life easier.

Feb. 2013 — Ten Ways to Take a Bite Out of Blood Sugar
Simple tips you can integrate into your daily life.

Jan. 2013 — The 2013 Standards of Care
A look at the changes to the type 2 treatment guidelines.

Dec. 2012 — A Letter to the Newly Diagnosed
What you need to know when first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Nov. 2012 — Creating Your Own Best Case Scenario
What to keep in your first aid diabetes kit in case of emergency

Oct. 2012 — Preventing Diabetes
Does prediabetes always lead to diabetes?

Sept. 2012 — Kidney Damage
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Aug. 31, 2012 — Amazing d-Tech: Cheap insurance for your expensive insulin
VialSafe helps protect your insulin vial.

Aug. 2012 — Type 2 in Kids
The grim realities children with this disease face.

Aug 17, 2012 — Amazing d-Tech: Not your grandfather's diabetic socks
Building the world's best diabetic sock

Aug. 12, 2012 — Amazing d-Tech: The future is needles
GLP-1 reputations unaffected by common fear of insulin

Aug. 10, 2012 — Amazing d-Tech: Continuous Glucose Monitoring
By far the techiest of all d-Tech is Continuous Glucose Monitoring

July 2012 — Simplifying Obamacare
What you need to know about healthcare reform

July 20, 2012 — Amazing d-Tech: The "patch-pump" landscape
The state od patch-pump technology

July 12, 2012 — Amazing d-Tech: Angels on the head of a pin
The new King of Tiny is the BD Nano pen needle

July 6, 2012 — Amazing d-Tech: Is sex appeal the only difference between glucometers?
Sex appeal and technology are intimately linked.

June 2012 — Un-Complicating Gastroparesis (And the Rest of the Complications)
Speeding up a super-slow stomach

June 29, 2012 — Amazing d-Tech: Insulin without needles. Future or fantasy?
Research under way on insulin pill

June 22, 2012 — Amazing d-Tech: Non-invasive dreams
A realistic look at the capabilities of diabetes gadgets

June 8, 2012 — Amazing d-Tech: Technology defined
I define technology as using our minds to figure out ways to use things to solve our problems

May 2012 — Heart-Felt Tips For a Healthy Heart
5 ways to lower your risk of disease

April 2012 — Neuropathy from Diabetes
Finally some good news about the two-faced Judas

March 2012 — Carcinogens: The Third Reason Not To Smoke
If you smoke—not only do you smoke—but so does your car, your clothes, your easy chair, and your carpet

Feb. 2012 — Waiting for a Cure
Why you should get your hopes down about the Artificial Pancreas

Jan. 2012 — Are Insulin Pumps Better Than Shots?
What the science says about two insulin-injecting methods

Dec. 2011 — Why I Love to Test My Blood Sugar, and Why You Should, Too
4 rules to make you a testing expert

Nov. 2011 — Turn Off the Cruise Control and Grab the Wheel
Type 2 diabetes will not be ignored

Oct. 2011 — Crossing the Great Divide
Finding common ground between type 1 and type 2

Sept 2011 — Speaking to the Class of…
Managing type 1 diabetes in college a lesson in autonomic thinking

Aug. 2011 — The Life of a Meter
How you treat your supplies is just as vital as age

June 2011 — DBN: Other Things You Need to Do For You and Your Diabetes
Things you need to do for your diabetes once per year.

June 2011 — DBN: BMI – Where Your Weight Should Be
Tracking your BMI can help you track changes in your weight-health over time

June 2011 — DBN: Cholesterol – For Healthy Heart and Blood Vessels
Understanding the numbers can be tricky, but important

June 2011 — DBN: Blood Pressure – Keeping the Real Killer in the Cage
Testing your blood pressure regularly can help avoid complications

June 2011 — DBN: Finger Sticks – Your Real-Time Blood Sugars
When to relax, when to call your doc, and when to call 911

June 2011 — DBN: A1C
Your blood sugar average for the last couple of months

June 2011 — Diabetes by the Numbers (DBN)
Red light, green light...yellow light?

May 2011 — The Life of a Needle
How long can you use your diabetes sharps?



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by Brenda Bell
As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the benefits that made it cost-effective for me to go with the real healthcare (HSA) plan rather than the phony (HRA) plan is that my company is now covering "preventative" medicines at $0 copay. The formulary for these, as stated by CVS/Caremark (my pharmacy benefits provider), covers all test strips, lancets, and control solutions. I dutifully get my doctor to write up prescriptions for all of my testing needs, submit...
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