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Kelly L. Close is President of Close Concerns, Inc., a healthcare information firm devoted to diabetes and obesity. Close Concerns provides information to pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies on the diabetes field, particularly new product development.

Kelly is Editor-in-Chief of diaTribe, an electronic newsletter that focuses on products and research, and helps people learn about new ways to manage diabetes better. diaTribe is free and available online at www.diatribe.us

Kelly is also Editor-in-Chief of Diabetes Close Up, a newsletter focused on the business of diabetes. She and her team attend 35+ conferences and meetings focused on diabetes annually and actively review over 15 journals for breaking news in the field.

Kelly's passion for diabetes comes from both her extensive professional work as well as her personal experience with type 1 diabetes, including over 20 years testing over 30 blood glucose monitors and seven insulin formulations, eight years wearing an insulin pump, and a dozen years taking 15,000 insulin shots and testing multiple insulin pens. She is a voracious reader of both academic and consumer diabetes publications. Stemming from ten years of work in the investment community prior to founding Close Concerns, Kelly is a recognized authority on the diabetes industry and speaks frequently on the topic of the business of diabetes at a range of conferences across the U.S.

Kelly graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA and from Amherst College, with a BA in Economics and English, magna cum laude. Directly following HBS, Kelly served as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co., where she focused on healthcare, contributing to many engagements, including efficiency studies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare services arenas. Following this, she was an equity research analyst for five years, covering medical technology at Merrill Lynch and Piper Jaffray. Kelly began her career at Goldman, Sachs & Co. where she was a financial analyst. She is on the board of the San Francisco JDRF as well as the Children with Diabetes Foundation and the Diabetes Hands Foundation and she lives in San Francisco with her husband, John, and children Coco, Lola, and Valentino.

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Last Modified Date: July 01, 2014

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